Great Lakes Fireworks/APA Spring Training

The APA spring training class will be held in West Branch, MI on April 23rd 2022. This is your chance to receive your APA certification. Contact us for details.
  • Bruce Tyree

GLF entertains the world!

This year, in addition to our many wonderful homeland displays, we have been very busy internationally. First a display at the San Fermin "Running of the Bulls" festival in Pamplona Spain. Then we headed to Russia where we won First Place Audience Favorite at the World Championship of Fireworks in Kalliningrad. Next we we off to the KSA helping with a world record production in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We now have a team working on the October 20 presentation at the Cultural Festival and International Fireworks Competition in Wanzai, China. Where will we be displaying our world class displays next? Maybe your City.
  • Bruce Tyree

2022 Product Demo



Unfortunately the supply chain issues has caused us to cancel our product demo for 2022. We expect to be fully stocked and ready to rock for the 2023 season!